Michelle Ritter

Michelle Ritter

Bray Real Estate

 If my life were a novel, the first part would most certainly be about my family. I have two wonderful children (and now a pair of beautiful grand babies), and a loving husband.  They are truly the light of my life.


When I’m not enjoying the beauty of Grand Junction, or working to help others find homes to build their own families, I love vacationing with my loved ones and maybe playing a game of softball.  The time I spend with them makes for a fulfilling life, but there are still many chapters left to write.


The next part would be about my job.  I have enjoyed 15 wonderful and successful years in real estate.  It has been a true pleasure meeting new people and helping them to buy their dream home.  However, living in a community as wonderful as this one makes it easy.


Obviously, I’m passionate about where I live.  Maybe I’m a little biased, but I don’t care.  Raised in Grand Junction, and having had the opportunity to grow up and enjoy the beautiful Colorado landscape throughout my childhood, I have a fond appreciation for this part of the country.


Because of that, I take my job very seriously.  I am very, very detail oriented and will never hesitate to go above and beyond for my clients.  I want people to see everything Grand Junction has to offer!  I have enjoyed many fabulous years here, with my family, and love helping others find a home for them to begin writing the next chapter of lives—making memories with the ones they love.


This place is the constant backdrop to the story of my life, a beautiful page on which I have written many fond memories of my own.  In fact, I couldn’t have written my life’s story any better if I tried.  Sometimes life is just better than fiction.

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